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Mar 2019: Added blogpost: Tragedy in Liverpool

Feb 2019: Added blogpost: Francis Sandoe and the London Poverty Survey
Added people born in 1833-1835

Jan 2019: Revised more existing content

Added people born in 1919
Added people born in 1836-1847
Revised 1841-1918
Resolved more marriages
Adding more 1939 Register, updated censuses

Added people born in 1918
Added blogpost: Richard Henry Sandoe 1870-1915
Added blogpost: Sando/w/es in WW1
Updating Cardiff data, updating 1939 Register data for Sandow;
Resolved more anonymous records, revised 1848-1917 data
Added blogpost: Who was Charles Perthlin?
Added blogpost: Sidney Sandoe’s ships

Added people born in 1848-1916, updating, added Help menu.