Eveline Annie Sandoe 1900EV01

  • BIRTH. Aged 2 in 1901, daughter of Richard H and Elizabeth E, born at E Stonehouse; born around 1899; born 25 Feb 1890; registered E Stonehouse 1900MAR 5b/227. Sources: 1901 census, GRO, 1939 Register.
  • CENSUS. Evelina A; East Stonehouse 31 Mar 1901; High St, Rooms over shop; daughter, aged 2, born East Stonehouse; in father’s household. Sources: 1901 census/AncestryCom.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Plymouth SW; 2 Apr 1911; 2 Harwell St; daughter, 11, scholar; born at Stonehouse; in father’s household. Sources: 1911 census/FMP/page.
  • MARR. Evelina A Sandoe married Ephraim Bence [1890EM01]; registered 1920JUN Devonport 5b/879. Sources: GRO. Assumed 1900EV01. Children (at Devonport): David M 1923DV01, Rosie 1926RS01.
  • 1939 Register. Lena Bence (Eveline Leah); Plymouth 29 Sep 1939; 84 Pasley Street; born 25 Feb 1890; married; domestic duties; with husband and son David, 3 still closed.
  • DEATH. Possibly Eveline L Bence; Plymouth 1964JUN 7a/672, aged 64.
  • Comments. Daughter of Richard H 1870RI03 and Elizabeth E 1879EL02.

Updated Nov 2019