Mary Elizabeth Sandow

    • BIRTH. Aged 4 in 1891, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born Kenwyn; born around 1887; assumed registered Truro 1886JUN 5c/162. Sources: 1891census, GRO.
    • CENSUS. Chacewater; 5 Apr 1891; at Church Hill; aged 4, daughter, born Kenwyn; in father’s household. Sources: 1891 census.
    • CENSUS. Chacewater 30 Mar 1901; Church Hill; daughter, aged 14; born Chacewater; in father’s household. Sources: 1901 census/FMP/page.
    • CENSUS. Mary; Chacewater; 2 Apr 1911; aged 24, daughter, housekeeper, born Kenwyn; in father’s household. Sources: 1911 census index/FMP.
    • MARR. Mar E; married James Goldsworthy [1894JM01]; registered 1919SEP Truro 5c/275. Sources: GRO/FreeBMD.
    • Comments: Daughter of Joseph 1843JS01 and Elizabeth 1845EL02.

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