Mary Jane Mayne

  • BIRTH. Aged 4m in 1871; 10 in 1881, daughter of William and Mary; born at St Neot; born around 1870-71; assumed registered Liskeard 1870DEC 5c/70. Sources: Census, GRO/FreeBMD.
  • CENSUS. Mary J; St Neot 2 Apr 1871; Ambrose Lake; g’daughter, aged 4m; born St Neot; with family in John Hender’s household. Sources: 1871 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Mary J; St Neot 3 Apr 1881; Ambrose Lake; daughter, aged 10, scholar, born at St Neot; in father’s household. 1881 census/AncestryCom.
  • Comments. Daughter of William 1848WI04 and Mary J 1849MY04.

Updated Dec 2021