Mary Trestrail 1854MY05

  • BIRTH. Born 4 Dec 1854 at Penwortham, South Australia; daughter of John and Anne. Sources: Thomas 2 p. 734.
  • MARR. Married George. Sandow. 1845GE02; 25 Dec 1874 in South Australia. Sources: BISA p. 1426, Thomas Vol. 2 p. 734. Settled at Georgetown, Narridy, Unley Park. Children: Olive J 1875OL01, George C 1877GE01, Sidney A 1879SY01, Dora V 1880DO01, Douglas G 1882DG01, Ethel 1884ET01, Angus G H 1893AS01.
  • DEATH. Mary Sandow died 8 Jul 1941 at Crystal Brook, South Australia; buried at Mitcham. Sources: Thomas Vol. 2 p. 734.
  • Comments: Daughter of John 1829JN02 and Anne 1829AN02.

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