Johanna Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 6 in 1861, aged 18 in 1871; born Kea, daughter of William and Johanna; born around 1853-55. Sources: 1861 census, 1871 census
  • CENSUS. Kea 7 Apr 1861; aged 6, dau; born Kea; in father’s household. Sources: 1861 census.
  • CENSUS. Kea, 2 Apr 1871; dau, aged 18; servant; born Kea; in father’s household. Sources: 1871 Census.
  • MARR. Sandow; aged 20 from Chacewater; daughter of William, miner; married John Delbridge 1845JN06; 12 Nov 1871 at Chacewater; witnessed by Elizabeth Lowry and Richard Sandow; assumed registered Truro 1871DEC 5c/249. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO/FreeBMD. Children: Minnie 1872.
  • CENSUS. Joana Delbridge; 1880 Nevada Citry USA; aged 26; born England, in husband’s household with daughter Minnie and brother Nicholas. Sources: 1880 US census/FMP.
  • CENSUS. Delbridge; 1900 Nevada City USA CA; wife, born England; in husband’s household. Sources: 1900 USA Census/FMP.
  • CENSUS. Delbridge; 1910 Nevada City USA CA. wife, aged 55; immigration year 1871; born England; in huisband’s household. Sources: 1910 USA census/FMP.
  • DEATH. Johanna Delbridge died 26 Jan 1919 at Nevada City, California, USA. Sources: DF.
  • Comments: Daughter of William 1813WI01 and Johanna 1817JO01. Possible birth cf 1853JO01, 1853JO02. Marriage witnesses are 1846EL02 and possibly bride’s brother.