James Blewett Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 24 in 1874, son of Matthew; aged 78 in 1929; born around 1850-51; born Cornwall in 1871; registered 1851MAR, E London 2/249, son of Matthew and Mary Ann. Sources: GRO, BF, Census, marriage record.
  • CENSUS. James; Hackney, London 2 Apr 1871; 1 Castle St; son aged 20; carpenter; born Cornwall; in father’s household. Sources: 1871 census/FMP/page.
  • MARR. James Sandoe 24, carpenter, of 4 Wellington St, son of Matthew Sandoe, carpenter, married Jane Palmer 1855JA02; 22 Feb 1874 at St Peter’s, Bethnal Green; witnessed by Matthew Sandoe and Mary Palmer; registered 1874MAR 1c/525. Sources: GRO/FreeBMD, GRO/MC/MF, REG/AncestryCom/page, sailed together to New Zealand in March 1874. Children: James A 1876JM01, Frederick W 1878FK01, John M 1879JN03, William T 1881WI03, Amelia E 1883AM02, Thomas A 1887TH01.
  • IMMIG. James Sandoe, carpenter of Middlesex, aged 23, and Jane, aged 19, arrived at Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, on 6 Jul 1874, on the Halcione; assisted immigration; with William and Amelia; sailed 24 March 1874. Sources: NZ Immigration Data. William and Amelia are 1849WI01 and 1851AM01.
  • Roll. James Sandoe, carpenter, freeholder of a section value 70 pounds at Ashburton, NZ. Sources: Ashburton Freeholders of Land 1882.
  • DIR. James and William Sandoe, carpenters, Ashburton. Sources: Wise’s Directory 1883-84/F.
  • DIR. James and William  Sandoe, carpenters, Ashburton. Sources: Wise’s Directory 1887-88/F.
  • Roll. James Sandoe, carpenter, Ashburton 1894 electoral roll. Sources: Ashburton Electoral Register 1894.
  • DEATH. James Sandoe husband of Jane died 13 Oct 1929 at 78, and their eldest son James Alfred 7 Sep 1906 at 30 and his sister Amelia Elizabeth died 18 June 1883 at 2 months; plots 28 and 29 with one headstone. Sources: Ashburton Public Cemetary/DF.
  • Comments: Son of Matthew 1803MT01 and Mary Ann 1804MY01. Carpenter.

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