Mary Brown 1847MY04

  • BIRTH. Aged 24 in 1871, born Gwennap; born around 1847. Cornwall England. Sources: 1871 census, death registration.
  • MARR. Married Anthony Sandoe 1842AY01; around 1868; Redruth. Cornwall England. Sources: Parent around 1868 at Redruth, MF. Children: Mary E 1865MY02, Mary B B 1868MY02, John 1869JN01.
  • CENSUS. Mary Sandoe; Gwennap, 2 Apr 1871; wife, aged 24; born Gwennap; in husband’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1871 census index/Ross.
  • DEATH. Mary Sando died 12 Oct 1871 aged 24; gravestone 460 at St Uny parish church with children John and Mary; registered 1871DEC Redruth 5c/169 aged 24. Cornwall England. Sources: GRO, MI/CFHS.

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