Mary Ann Sandow Mugford

  • BIRTH. Aged 14 in 1861, born Kenwyn, granddaughter of John Mugford; born around 1847; baptised Sandow 23 May 1847 at Kenwyn, daughter of Henry and Cordelia. Cornwall England. Sources: census, REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. Mary Ann Mugford; Kenwyn 30 Mar 1851; Three Burrows; Cordelia’s daughter, aged 4, born Kenwyn; in grandfather John Mugford’s household with mother. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Mary An Mugford; Kenwyn 7 Apr 1861; Penstraze; grandaughter, aged 14; shoebinder; born Kea; with sister in grandfather’s household. Sources: 1861 census/FMP/page.
  • Comments: Granddaughter of John Mugford 1783JN01; daughter of Henry 1819HE01 and Cordelia 1815CO01. Possible birth cf 1847MY03. Possible marriage cf 1842MY02, 1846MY03. Possible death cf 1843MY05.

Updated Oct 2017