Thomas Quill 1846TH01

  • BIRTH. Born 1846 in Ireland, son of Anthony Antony Delacey and Mary Jane (McGrath). Sources: BF.
  • MARR. Stableman, full age, residence in Ashburton 3 months; married Elizabeth Sandoe 1842EL01, 11 Jul 1872 at Ashburton, New Zealand; application to be married at the Ashburton Hotel, 10 Jul 1872. NZ. Sources: MF, 1872 archives ref BDM 20/17 P489/1 intention to marry. Children: Alfred J 1873AF01, Anne E 1874AN01, Thomas J R 1875TH01, Florence M 1877FL01, Ellen E J 1879EN01, Noname 1881NN01.
  • DEATH. Died 6 Sep 1898 at Christchurch, New Zealand. NZ. Sources: DF.
  • Comments:. Son of Anthony 1821AY01 and Mary Jane 1821MY03.

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