Matilda Catherine Thomas

  • BIRTH. Aged 9 in 1851, daughter of William and Elizabeth; aged 24 when married at Kenwyn in 1867, daughter of William; aged 73 in 1917; born around 1843-1844; baptised 1 Jan 1843 at Kenwyn, daughter of William, farmer, and Betsy, from Eadless.. Sources: Census, marriage record, death record, REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. Kenwyn 30 Mar 1851; Richmond Hill; daughter, aged 9; born Kenwyn; in father’s household with family. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Gwitrhian 5 Apr 1861; Godreavy; niece, 17; dressmaker; born St Ives; in John Trembath’s household. Sources: 1861 census/FMP/page
  • MARR. Aged 24, from Kenwyn, daughter of William Thomas, grocer, married William Sandow [1841WI04], 30 Oct 1867 at Kenwyn; witnesses John Trembath and C Sandow; assumed registered Truro 1867DEC 5c-237. Cornwall England. Sources: GRO, REG/COPC. Children: [John T 1868JN02], [William 1870WI02], [James P T 1871JM02], [Matilda B 1874ML01],  [Elizabeth O 1876EL02], [Kathleen M 1881KL01], [Candace 1879CN01], [Thomas 1879TH01], [William 1894WI06], Susan I 1886SU01, Maud 1890MD01, [Herbert R 1894HB01].
  • CENSUS. Sandow; St Ives; 2 Apr 1911; 7 Carrick Dhu Terrace; wife, aged 67; in husband’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1911 census index/FMP.
  • DEATH. Matilda Catherine Sandow died 20 Mar 1917 aged 73; gravestone 1555 at Barnoon cemetary, St Ives, with William and Maud; Matilda Sandow registered 1917MAR Penzance 5c-366; aged 73. Cornwall England. Sources: GRO, MI/CFHS. William is 1841WI04, Maud is 1890MD01
  • Comments: Daughter of William 1804WI03 and Elizabeth 1805EL03.

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