Richard Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 8 in 1851, born Feock; aged 19 in 1861, born Philleigh, son of Richard and Jane; aged 37 in 1884, son of Richard; born around 1841-43; baptised 27 Nov 1843 Mevagissy Bible Christian at Pisgah Ruin, son of Richard and Jane from Philleigh. Cornwall England. Sources: Censuses, marriage record, REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. Feock, 30 Mar 1851; at Chygoose; aged 8; born Feock; in father’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. St Allen, 7 Apr 1861; at Vicarage Down; aged 19; ag lab; born Philleigh; in father’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1861 census.
  • MARR: Aged 37, miner of Perranzabuloe, son of Richard, labourer; married Selina Harris 1855SE01, 10 Dec 1884 at Truro St Mary; groom signed and bride marked; witnesses Herbert Mann and Thomas Pascoe. Registered 1884DEC Truro 5c/278. Cornwall England. Sources: GRO, REG/CFS.
  • CENSUS. Perranzabuloe 5 Apr 1891; at Perranwartha Coombe; head, aged 42; agricultural labourer; born Philleigh; with wife Selina 36. Sources: 1891 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Perranzabuloe 31 Mar 1901; Silverwell, Mithian; head, aged 50, agricultural labourer, born Philleigh; with wife Selina 45. Cornwall England. 1901 census/AncestryCom.
  • DEATH. Registered 1903DEC Truro 5c-79; aged 56. Sources: GRO. Assumed 1842RI01 (died by 1911).
  • Comments: Son of Richard 1808RI01 and Jane 1816JA01. Possible birth cf 1843RI01. Agricultural labourer in 1861, miner in 1884.

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