Jane Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 5 in 1841; born around 1836; born 19 Sep 1836, daughter of Richard, miner of Kerley, Kenwyn, and Elizabeth, daughter of John and Ann May; baptised 14 Mar 1837 at Truro Wesleyan Chapel. Cornwall England. Sources: Census, REG/EDW, REG/COCP.
  • CENSUS. Kea, 6 Jun 1841; at Kerly Downs; aged 5, born in Cornwall; in father’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Chacewater, 30 Mar 1851; aged 15; born Kea; servant in household of John Moore, miner, 39; born St Agnes. Cornwall England. Sources: 1851 census.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Chacewater, 7 Apr 1861; aged 24; unm; servant to Susan Matthew, draper; Chacewater. Cornwall England. Sources: 1861 census.
  • MARR. Jane Sandow, full age, from Chacewater, daughter of Richard, miner; married James Bawden [1837JM02]; 22 Jan 1862 at Chacewater; witnesses Elijah Phillips and Michael Williams; assumed registered Truro 1862MAR 5c/228. Cornwall England. Sources: REG/COCP, GRO. Witnesses are 1815EJ01 and 1837MI02. Children: James H 1863, Thomas J 1865; Walter J 1867.
  • Comments: Not seen again; emigrated? Daughter of Richard 1810RI01 and Elizabeth 1805EL01; John May is 1780JN03; Ann May is 1781AN01.

Updated: Apr 2023