Charlotte Sandow

  • BIRTH. Aged 15 in 1851; born St Ives; daughter of James and Elizabeth; aged 45 in 1881; aged 58 in1894; born around 1836; baptised 20 Nov 1835 at St Ives, daughter of James, butcher, and Elizabeth, from St Ives. Cornwall England. Sources: Censuses, death registration, REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. St Ives 30 Mar 1851; at Stelmack, aged 15, daughter, born St Ives; in father’s household. Cornwall England. Sources: 1851 census.
  • CENSUS. St Ives, 3 Apr 1881; at Tregenna Place, head, unm, aged 45, grocer; invalid; born St Ives; with aunt Mary Pascoe 59. Cornwall England. Sources: 1881 census/FMP/page. Mary Pascoe is 1823MY05.
  • DIR. Miss Charlotte Sandow; grocer; Tregenna Place; 1889 St Ives. Cornwall England. Sources: Kelly’s Cornwall 1889 p. 1026. Assumed 1836CT02.
  • CENSUS. St Ives 5 Apr 1891; Trgonna Place; niece aged 55; born St Ives; in Mary Pascoe’s household. Sources: 1891 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. Died 27 Jun 1891 aged 58; gravestone 1552 at Barnoon cemetary, St Ives, with parents and sisters Elizabeth and Susan; assumed registered 1894MAR Penzance 5c/204, aged 58. Cornwall England. Sources: GRO, MI/CFHS. Assumed 1836CT02. Elizabeth is 1840EL04; Susan is 1852SU01.
  • Comments: Daughter of James 1812JM01 and Elizabeth 1813EL01.

Updated: Jan 2021