Caroline Kessell 1832CL01

  • BIRTH. Aged 8 in 1841, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth; aged 19 when married at Kenwyn in 1851, daughter of Stephen, from Penstrase; born around 1832-1833. Sources: Marriage record, 1841 census.
  • CENSUS. Kenwyn 6 Jun 1841; at Penstrase; aged 8; born in Cornwall; in father Stephen Kessel’s (miner,46) household, with mother Elizabeth 40. Sources: 1841 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Kestle; Kenwyn 30 Mar 1851; aged 18; servant; born Kenwyn; in John Sandow’s household, with future husband William. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page
  • MARR. Age 18 of Penstrace, daughter of Stephen Kessell, miner; married William Sandoe [1827WI03]; 24 Jul 1851 at Kenwyn; witnessed by Emma Carbis and Sarah Grose; registered Truro 1851SEP 9/360; Keppell on MC, Kessell in reg. Sources: MC, GRO/FreeBMD, REG/COPC. Witnesses are 1826EM01 and 1826SA01. Children: Josiah 1851JH02.
  • DEATH. Sandow; buried 20 Oct 1851 at Chacewater; aged 19; abode Kenwyn; assumed registered 1851DEC Truro 9/251. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO/FreeBMD.
  • Comments: Daughter of Stephen 1807ST01 and Anon 1807NN03 (edit).

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