Alexander D Sandoe


  • BIRTH. Aged 10 at Carnon Down in 1841; son of Michael and Mary; born around 1831.
  • CENSUS. Alxander; Feock 6 Jun 1841; at Carnon Downs, aged 10, born in Cornwall; in father’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • WAR. Alexdr D Sandoe, AB, no 209 on ship’s book, HMS Sans Pareil, Crimea Medal sent home 7/1/57. Awarded Crimean Campaign Medal for service on HMS Sans Pareil in the Black Sea. Sources: NationalArchive/Medal Role/AncestryCom/page.



Balaclava harbour during the Crimean War. Photo by James Robinson

A naval battery at Sebastopol, Coloured engraving, National Maritime Museum

  • Alexander Sandoe was most likely either on board the Sans Pareil covering the flagship, or ashore at one of the naval batteries
  • DEATH. Not seen after the battle, absent in 1857. His name is not on any Crimea casualty list for HMS Sans Pareil, he is not named on the HMS Sans Pareil Chinese Station Memorial at Hong Kong. He presumably died before 1857.

A burial at Balaclava. Watercolour by By William Simpson. The paintings were lithographed in London by Day & Day, and published in an album.

  • DEATH. Died 7 Sep 1856. Sources: noted on Crimean Medal List for HMS/Sans Pareil.
  • Comments: Son of Michael 1797MI01 and Mary 1792MY02. Not seen after 1857.

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