Henry Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 15 at Mount Horam in 1841, born in Cornwall, in John Sandow’s household; aged 29 when married at Kenwyn in 1853, son of John, miner; 44 in 1871, born Kenwyn; 52 in 1876; born around 1824-1827. Sources: Censuses, marriage record, death registration.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Kenwyn 6 Jun 1841; at Mount Horon, aged 15; copper miner, born in Cornwall; in John Sandow’s household. Sources: 1841 census/FMP/page; John Sandow is father 1799JN03.
  • MARR. Sando; aged 29, miner of Three Burrows, son of John, miner, married Mary Trenerry [1820MY01] 10 Jul 1853 at Kenwyn; witnesses parish clerk T G Hicks and Mary Mugford; assumed registered Truro 5c-266 1853SEP. Sources: REG/COPC; GRO. Children: : Eliza J 1856EL01, William H 1856WI02, Thomasin 1860TH03.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; St Agnes 7 Apr 1861; Mount Hawke; head, aged 33; copper miner; born Kenwyn with wife Mary 39, children Eliza 7, William H 5, Tamesen 1, stepd Elizabeth Jane Trenery 11. Sources 1861 Census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. St Agnes, 2 Apr 1871; Mount Hawke; head, aged 44; tin miner; born Kenwyn; with wife Mary 51; children Eliza J 16, William H 15, Tamsin 11; servant Elizabeth J Trenery 20. Sources: 1871 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. Registered 1876MAR Truro 5c/113, age 52. Sources: GRO.
  • Comments: Son of John 1799JN03 and Jane 1791JA01. Miner. Marriage witnesses are 1778TH01 and 1826MY04.

Updated: Nov 2021