James Henry Sandow

  • BIRTH. Baptised 7 Dec 1823 at Uny Lelant, son of James and Mary; IGI has Landow. Sources: IGI.
  • CENSUS. James Landon; Lelant 06 Jun 1841; at Trembethow, aged 15, born in Cornwall; in James Landon’s household. Sources: COCP1841 (HO107/142 ED8 Folio 38 p.12).
  • CENSUS. James H; Uny Lelant, 30 Mar 1851; at Terembethow; son, UM, aged 27, born at Lelant; in father’s household. Sources: 1851 census/AncestryCom/page.
  • WITN. Witnessed marriage of 1825RI01 and 1825MY02 19 Mar 1857 at Uny Lelant. Sources: REG/film.
  • MARR. Full age, farmer, from Lelant, son of James, farmer; married Ann Tonking [1826AN01], 8 Jul 1858 at Lelant; witnesses Andrew Hosking and Thomas Richards, by licence; registered 1858SEP Penzance 5C/453. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO. Children: James 1859JM01, Annie 1861AN01, Henry 1862HE01, Annie 1865AN01, George 1866GE01, Thomas 1868TH01.
  • CENSUS. Uny Lelant, 2 Apr 1871; head, aged 47, grocer and registrar, born Lelant; with wife Ann 45, children James 12, Henry 9, [James] 6, George 4, Thomas 3, daus-in-law Blanch Tonkin 22, Julia Tonking 20; servant Elizabeth Davy 28. Sources: 1871 census index/Ross.
  • CENSUS. Uny Lelant, 3 Apr 1881; at Lelant village; aged 57, grocer, born Lelant; with wife Ann 55, son Thomas 13, dau-in-law Blanch A Tonkin 32. Sources: 1881 census. Blanch is 1849BL01.
  • DIR. James Henry Sandow; grocer; registrar of B.M.D. at Lelant in 1889. Sources: Kelly’s Cornwall 1889 p. 1052.
  • Death: Buried 3 Sep 1890 at Lelant, aged 66, from Upper Lelant Town; registered 1890SEP Penzance 5c/140, age 66. Sources: GRO, REG/COPC, Ann a widow in 1891.
  • Comments: Son of James 1796JM01 and Mary 1786MY01.

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