Joseph Carn Sando

  • BIRTH. Born 5 Jul 1822 at Redruth; aged 51 in 1874, born Cornwall; son of Joseph Sando and Fanny Argill. Sources: BF, Thomas vol 2 p. 733.
  • CENSUS. Joseph Sandow; Redruth 6 Jun 1841; at Sandow Row, aged 15, born in Cornwall; in father’s household. Sources: COCP1841 .
  • IMMIG. Arrived in South Australia 4 Sep 1847 on the Aboukir. Sources: Thomas vol 2 p. 733.
  • MARR. Married Mary James [1825MY03]; 21 Nov 1847 at Adelaide, South Australia. Sources: Thomas vol. 2 p. 733. Children: Elizabeth J 1850EL09, Fanny 1851FY01, Mary E 1854MY04, Cecelia 1856CE01, Harriett 1857HA02, Joseph H 1859JS01, Hester A 1860ES01, John T 1862JN04.
  • DEATH. Died 1874 in Victoria, aged 51; registered 5530; born in Cornwall, son of Joseph Sando and Fanny Argill. Sources: Victoria Death Index/CFHS, Victorian Pioneers Index.
  • Comments. Son of Joseph 1799JS01 and Fanny 1796FY01. Mason in 1851.

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