Sarah Roberts Boundy 1821SA01

  • BIRTH. Born 1821 at Redruth, Cornwall; daughter of William Boundy at marriage. Sources: BISA p.1425, marriage record.
  • CENSUS. Possibly Sarah Boundy; Newlyn 6 Jun 1841; at Tregair; aged 21, family servant in farmer George Bullmore’s houshold.
  • MARR. Sally Roberts Boundy, spinster of Sandows Row, daughter of William Boundy, miner, married John Sando [1824JN01], 4 Apr 1847 at Redruth; witnesses Thomas Corby and Jane Remfry; registered Redruth 1847JUN 9-303. Sources: BISA p.1425, GRO/FreeBMD, REG. Children: Joseph R 1848JS01, John 1848JN05, William R 1849WI03, Frances J 1852FN01, Elizabeth M 1854EL11, Joseph C 1856JS02, John A 1858JN01, Ellena 1860EN01 (married Redman), Sarah A 1862SA01 (married Wright), Henry E 1864HE02.
  • DEATH. Sarah Roberts Sando; died 30 Nov 1889 in South Australia. Sources: BISA p. 1425.
  • Comments: Daughter of William 1796WI07.
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