Elizabeth Sandoe

  • BIRTH.   Aged 21 at Holborn in 1841 in Anthony Sandoe’s household; born around 1820. Sources: 1841 census.
  • CENSUS. Holborn, 6 Jun 1841; at King St, aged 21,  dressmaker; born in Middlesex; in Anthony Sandoe’s household. Sources: 1841 census/AncestryCom. Anthony Sandoe is father 1785AY01.
  • CENSUS. Somerstown, 30 Mar 1851; at Hibington St, sister, aged 29,  born at St George Martyr; in brother Anthony Sandoe’s household. Sources: 1851 census/AncestryCom/page. Anthony Sandoe is brother 1822AY01.
  • MARR. From High Holborn, daughter of Anthony Sandoe (cabinet maker), married Timothy Cove [1797TY01], 15 Dec 1864 at St Andrew’s, Holborn, witnessed by Henry Woolverton and Charlotte Woolverton; registered 1864DEC W London 1c/99. Sources: REG/AncestryCom/page, GRO/FreeBMD. Witnesses ar bride’s brother-in-law 1824HE03 and sister 1832CT03.
  • CENSUS. Elizabeth Cove; Hillingdon 2 Apr 1871; Warwick Place; lodger, aged 50,  born in London; in Frederick Brown’s household. Sources: 1871 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. Cove; possible registration Poplar 1874SEP 1c/424, aged 59. Sources: GRO/FreeBMD.
  • Comments. Daughter of Anthony 1785AY01 and Elizabeth 1787EL04.

Updated: Nov 2021