Augusta Louisa Addams

  • BIRTH. Aged 39 in 1861, born Cape of Good Hope; born around 1822; daughter of James in 1851; daughter of James and Harriett, Butts Lane, timber merchant, born 26 Oct 1820, baptized 9 May 1824 at St Mary’s, Lewisham. Sources: 1861 census, marriage, REG/AncestryCom/page.
  • MARR. Full age, spinster, from the village, daughter of James Addams, government secretary, married James Talbot [1825JM02], 24 Feb 1851 at St Mary’s, Lewisham; witnesses include Harriett Woolverton; reg 1851MAR Lewisham 5/332. Sources: REG/AncestryCom/page. Children: James 1853, Arthur 1854, Francis 1858, Ellen Jane 1861, Margaret M 1863.
  • CENSUS. Augusta Louisa Talbot; Sheffield 7 Apr 1861; 159 Gibraltar St; wife, married, aged 39, born at Cape of Good Hope; in husband’s household. Sources: 1861 census/AncestryCom/page.GRO/FreeBMD.
  • DEATH. Augusta Louisa Talbot; death registered 1865SEP Bakewell 7b/339. Sources: GRO/FreeBMD
  • Comments. Daughter of James and Harriett.

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