Richard Stear

  • BIRTH. Aged 22 at Twelveheads in 1841; aged 20 in 1839, from Chacewater, son of Richard, miner, born around 1819; assumed baptised 4 Jan 1825 at St Austell Wesleyan Circuit, born 20 Jun 1818, son of Richard nand Elizabeth from Sticker, St Mewan. Sources: Marriage record, censuses, REG/COPC.
  • MARR. Aged 20, miner from Chacewater, son of Richard, miner; married Jemima Sandoe 1822JE02; 24 Apr 1839 at Kenwyn; witnesses Thomas Hicks and Betsy Ann Hodge. Sources: REG. Children: Jemima 1839JE01, Elizabeth A 1844EL03, Richard 1847RI05, John 1849JN04. Witnesses are 1778TH01 and 1814BY01.
  • CENSUS. Kenwyn 6 Jun 1841; at Twelve Heads, aged 22, copper miner, born in Cornwall; with Jemima Stear 20, and Jemima Stear 2; in Jemima Sandoe’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP. Jemimah Sandoe is mother-in-law 1800JE01.
  • CENSUS: Liskeard, 30 Mar 1851; Trevecca Cottage; aged 32, head; miner, born Kenwyn; with wife Jemima 29, children Jemima 12, Elizabeth Ann 7, Richard 4, John 2, and Jemima Sandow 51. Sources: 1851 census. Jemima Sandow is mother-in-law 1800JE01.
  • Comments: Son of Richard 1794RI01 and Elizabeth.

Updated: Dec 2021