Peggy Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 22 at Twelveheads in 1841 with Grace, born around 1819; daughter of Anthony in 1841; aged 42 in 1861, born Kea; born around 1819. Sources: Marriage record, censuses.
  • CENSUS. Margret; Kenwyn 6 Jun 1841; at Twelveheads, age 22, copper miner, born in Cornwall; in Grace Sandoe’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP. Grace is mother 1788GR02.
  • MARR. Spinster of Twelveheads, daughter of Anthony Sandoe, miner; married William Chenhall [1816WI03] 10 June 1841 at Kea; witnesses Mary Ann Allen and Anon Skewes; assumed registered 1841JUN Truro 9/336. Sources: REG/CRO, GRO. Children: Wiliam 1842WI03, Samuel 1847SM01, Thomas 1850TH02, James H 1855JM01.
  • CENSUS. Peggy Chenhall; Kea, 7 Apr 1861; aged 42; wife; born Kea; in husband’s household. Sources: 1861 census. Visitor widow Grace Sandoe 1788GR02 is Peggy’s mother.
  • Comments: Daughter of Anthony 1780AY01 and Grace 1788GR02.

Updated: March 2009