Augustus Coombes Sandoe

  • BIRTH. Aged 20 in 1841, son of Caroline; born around 1821; baptised 4 Nov 1821 at St Austel, son of Elijah, blacksmith, and Caroline, from Town. Sources: Census, REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. Augustus Sando: St Blazey, 6 Jun 1841: at Packhorse Court Lower Green, aged 20, blacksmith, born in Cornwall; in mother’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • CENSUS. St Blazey, 30 Mar 1851; at Church St; aged 29; head, unm; innkeeper; born St Blazey; with mother 52; sisters Caroline 16, Elizabeth Ann 13; brothers William 23, Samuel 21, Frederick 18. Sources: 1851 census.
  • MARR. Augustus, aged 31, inn keeper, from St Blazey, son of Elijah, married Betsey Harris Hore [1831BY01] 10 Aug 1853 at Treverbyn; registered 1853SEP St Austell 5c/335. Sources: Parent at St Austell in 1854, REG/COPC, GRO. Children: Augustus F 1854AU01, William 1854WI01.
  • MARR. Augustus Coombs;widower, inn keeper, from Bodmin, son of Elijah, inn keeper, married Priscilla Worden Menhinnick [1825PR01] 11 Oct 1859 at Egloshayle; registered 1859DEC Bodmin 5c/159. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO. Children: Charles F 1860CL01, John W 1861JN01, William A 1863WI01.
  • CENSUS. Bodmin, 2 Apr 1871; head, aged 51; hotel keeper; born St Austell; with wife Priscilla 44; son William A 7; brother Enoch T 50; sis-in-law Ann Sandoe 44; nephew William 21; boarders and hotel staff. Sources: 1871 census. Ann Sandoe is 1827AN01. Nephew is 1850WI03.
  • CENSUS. Bodmin, 3 Apr 1881; at Bodmin; aged 58; hotel keeper; born St Austell; with brother Samuel 48; wife Priscilla 51; sons Charles F 20, William A 17, John W 19. Sources: 1881 census. Samuel is 1828EJ02.
  • DIR. Augustus Coombe Sandoe and son, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants at Fore St, Bodmin; with advert for Royal Hotel, family and commercial, posting house. Kelley’s Cornwall 1889 p. 939.
  • CENSUS. Augustus Sandoe; Bodmin 5 Apr 1891; Fore Street; head, widower, aged 70, hotel proprietor, born St Austell; with brother Samuel 52; sons Charles F 27, William A 26, 3 visitors, 8 servants. Sources: 1891 census/AncestryCom/page.
  • CENSUS. A C Sandoe; Bodmin 31 Mar 1901; Pool St; head, wid, aged 81, farmer, born St Austell; with brother Samuel 69 and 2 servants. Sources: 1901 census/AncestryCom. Samuel is 1828EJ02.
  • CENSUS. Augustus Coombe; Bodmin; 02 Apr 1911; Berry House, 10 rooms; head, widower, aged 91; retired hotel keeper; born St Austell; with son William A 47, sister Caroline and grandaughter Annie P 17. Sources: 1911 census/FMP/page. Sister is 1834CL01, grandaughter is 1893AN01.
  • DEATH. Augustus Coombe; buried 8 Jun 1915, aged 96, from Berry House; died 5 Jun 1915 aged 96, Gravestone 1207 at Bodmin. Assumed registered 1915JUN Bodmin 5c/93, aged 96. Sources: MI/DF, REG/COPC, GRO.
  • OBIT. Obituary 11 Jun 1915 in Bodmin Guardian. Sources: DF.
  • Comments: Son of Elijah 1792EJ01 and Caroline 1795CL01.

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