Susanna Morcom

  • BIRTH. Aged 21 in 1839, daughter of James, miner; aged 25 in 1841; aged 32 in 1851; aged 40 in 1860; aged 60 in 1875; born around 1815-20; baptised 22 Sep 1811 at Gwennap, daughter of James and Susannah. Sources: Censuses, marriage records, REG/COPC.
  • MARR. Aged 21 from Twelveheads, daughter of James, miner; married James Sandoe 1817JM01; 7 Oct 1839 at Kenwyn; witnesses T G Hicks and James Richards; assumed registered 1839DEC Truro 9/346. Sources: REG, GRO. Witnesses are 1778TH01 and 1814JM01. Children: William 1839WI02, James 1841JM01. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO.
  • CENSUS. Susan Sandow; Kenwyn, 6 Jun 1841; at Cregbrause; aged 25, born in Cornwall; in husband’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • CENSUS. Susanna Morcom; Gwennap 30 Mar 1851; at Wheal Fortune, Twelveheads; head, widow, aged 32; char woman; born Kea. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page.
  • MARR. Susan Sando; widow, aged 40, from Huel Clifford, daughter of  James Morcom, deceased engineman, married Benjamin Kinsman [1791BJ01] at Gwennap 30 Jul 1860; registered 1860SEP Redruth 5c/331. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO.
  • CENSUS. Susannah Kinsman; Gwennap 7 Apr 1861; at Cusvey; wife, aged 42; born Kenwyn; in husband’s household. Sources: 1861 cenusus/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Susan Kinsman; Gwennap 2 Apr 1871; Wheal Clifford; wife, aged 57; born Kenwyn; in husband’s household.
  • DEATH. Susan Kinsman; buried 4 Oct 1875 at Gwennap Burial Ground, widow aged 60 from Wheal Clifford. Sources: REG/COPC.
  • Comments: Daughter of James 1793JM03 and Susannah; at Twelveheads in 1839.

Updated: Dec 2021