Martha Francis

  • BIRTH. Aged 21 in 1839, daughter of Paul, miner; aged 32 in 1851; aged 42 in 1861, born Kenwyn; born around 1818-19; baptised 19 Jan 1819 at Gwennap, the daughter of Paul, miner, and Martha, from Kea.. Sources: Marriage record, censuses, REG/COPC.
  • MARR. Aged 21, from Chacewater, daughter of Paul, miner; married Enoch Sandoe [1815EN01]; 26 Oct 1839 at Kenwyn; witnesses T G Hicks and Thomas Courtis. Sources: REG/COPC. Witnesses are 1778TH01 and 1806TH01. Children: Elizabeth A 1840EL03, John 1841JN01, William F 1843WI01, John 1845JN01, Elizabeth J 1847EL02, Tabitha 1851TB01, Caroline 1852CL01, Martha 1855MR01, Enoch 1857EN01, Mary A 1859MY01, William F 1861WI03.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sandoe; Kenwyn, 6 Jun 1841; at Wheal Prosper, age 22, born in Cornwall; in Enoch Sandoe’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sando; Kenwyn, 30 Mar 1851; at Twelveheads; aged 32; wife; in husband’s household. Sources: 1851 census.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sandoe; Kea, 7 Apr 1861; at Twelveheads; aged 42; wife; born Kenwyn; in husband’s household. Sources: 1861 census.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sandoe; Kenwyn, 2 Apr 1871; At Wheal Prosper, Kenwyn; aged 43; wife; born Kenwyn; in husband’s household. Sources: 1871 census/CF.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sandow; Todmorden, 3 Apr 1881; at 31 Derby St; aged 62; widow; with Tabitha, unm daughter 30, cotton winder; William Francis; unm son 19, cotton weaver. Sources: 1881 census.
  • CENSUS. Martha Sandow; Todmorden, 5 Apr1891; at 31 Derby St, Stansfield; widow; aged 72, born at Kay, Cornwall; with children Tabitha 40, Enoch 33, Mary Ann Crossley 31; and grdaughter Annie Crossley 10. Sources: 1891 census/AncestryCom/page.
  • DEATH. Martha Sandow; registered 1896DEC Todmorden 9a/183, aged 78. Sources: GRO.
  • Comments: Daughter of Paul 1785PA01 (and Martha 1785MR01).

Updated: Jan 2022