Elizabeth Martin 1818EL04

  • BIRTH. Aged 23 in 1841, daughter of Henry; born around 1818. Sources: marriage record.
  • CENSUS. Stithians 6 Jun 1841; at Treweek, farm labourer, born in Cornwall; in Tobias Martin’s household with Walter Hearle. Sources: 1841 census/FMP/page
  • MARR. Aged 23, from Gluvias, by licence, daughter of Henry, farmer, married Walter Hearle [1816WL01] 7 Sep 1841 at Gluvias, witnessed by Richard Hearle and James Cook. Sources: REG/COPC.
  • DEATH. Hearle, buried at Stithians 14 Sep 1842, aged 25 from Gluvias. Sources: REG/COPC.

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