William Francis

  • BIRTH. Aged 35 in 1851, born at Broadhampton, Devon; born around 1816. Sources: Census.
  • MARR. Married Caroline Anon [1825CL02] around 1848. Sources: parent around 1848 at Pershore, together in 1851. Children: Caroline 1848CL01, William 1850WI02, Edith 1853ED01, Henry O 1857HE01.
  • CENSUS. Torquay 30 Mar 1851; Higher Terrace, Tormoham; head, aged 35; member of Royal College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apothecaries Hall; born Broadhampton; with wife Caroline 26, one nurse. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. Died  1856-1861. Sources: last child in 1857, wife a widow in 1861.

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