William Sandoe 1815WI01

  • BIRTH. Baptised 14 May 1815 at Redruth, son of William, carrier, and Mary, from Plaingwarry. Sources: REG/COPC.
  • CENSUS. William Sandow; Redruth 6 Jun 1841; at Sandow Row, aged 25, farmer, born in Cornwall; in father’s household. Sources: 1841 census/COCP.
  • MARR. Farmer of Sandows Row, son of William Sandow, farmer, married Elizabeth Williams, widow, [1802EL02]; 16 Sep 1849 at Redruth; witnesses Thomas C Corby and Thomas Remfry; registered (Sandon) Redruth 1849SEP 9/281. Sources: REG/MF, GRO, together in 1841.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Redruth, 30 Mar 1851; at Sandow’s Row, aged 36, head, copper miner and alehouse keeper; born Redruth; with wife Elizabeth 46; dau-in-law Ann Williams 17. Sources: 1851 census/FMP/page. Confirms marriage with widow Elizabeth Williams.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Redruth 7 Apr 1861; Sandows Row; head, aged 45; engineers laourer and beer seller; born Redruth; with wife Elizabeth 56. Sources: 1861 census/FMP/page.
  • CENSUS. Sandow; Redruth 2 Apr 1871; Sandows Row; head, aged 46; working engineer; born Redruth; with wife Elizabeth 52. Sources: 1871 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. William Sandow; registered 1873MAR Redruth 5c/204, aged 58; buried 9 Mar 1873 at Treleigh, aged 58 from Sandows Row. Sources: REG/COPC, GRO; Elizabeth a widow in 1881.
  • Comments: Son of William 1782WI01 and Mary 1782MY01. Farmer in 1841, copper miner and alehouse keeper in 1851.

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