Mary Selina Gawler

  • BIRTH. Aassumed aged 25 in 1836, born around 1811; baptised 28 Dec 1813 at St Austell, daughter of John yeoman and Elizabeth from Trewhiddle, born 17 Jun 1812. Sources: marriage, REG/COPC
  • MARR. Gauler; married John Menhenick Burnier 1810JN03; 14 Nov 1836 at Egloshayle (West Briton) or St Kew (MF). Sources: MF, West Briton, together in 1841. Children: Mary E 1837MY03, Emma S 1839EM02, Emma S 1840EM03, John G 1841JN07, Charles E 1843CL02, William H 1841WI05, Samuel C 1846SM01, Joseph D 1849JS01.
  • CENSUS. Menhinick; Egloshayle 6 Jun 1841; at Builnaer; aged 25 with 2 children. Sources: 1841 census/FMP/page.
  • DEATH. Menhinick; buried 5 Jan 1857 at Egloshayle; aged 85 from Cellars; from West Park Cottage, Egloshayle, relict of the late Mr John. Sources: REG/COCP, Royal Cornwall Gazette 8 Jan 1857.
  • Comments. Daughter of John and Elizabeth.

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