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Ralph Sheldon Kindley


  • BIRTH. Aged 37 in 1836, born at Newcastle; born around 1799. Sources: Merchant Seaman Register.
  • MARITIME. Mr Ralph S Kindley supported “A Systematic Plan for Bettering the Condition … of Officers, Seamen etc. in the Merchant Sea Service” by Jeffery Dennis, published in London 1822. Sources: Google Books.
  • MARR. Ralph Kindley; married Sarah Holley [1801SA03] at St Dunstan’s, Stepney, London 22 Mar 1824. Sources: FamSearch. Children: Ralph Holley 1825.
  • MARR. Ralph Shelden Kindley, from St George, London, married Dorothy Childs [1803DO01] 5 Nov 1826 at St James Church, Bath, witnesses Ann and John Childs. Sources: Somerset Marriage Index/FMP/transcript. Children: Jane C 1827JA03, Dorothy C 1829DO01, Catherine 1831CA01.
  • MARR. Widower, married Jane Berryman [1802JA03] 9 Sep 1834 at Madron by licence. Sources: REG/COPC. Children: Arthur 1836AR01, Christopher S 1837CH01, William B 1839WI04.
  • MARITIME. Ralph S Kindly aged 37, born at Newcastle, appointed captain of the William Miles of London, 19 Sep 1836, and 1839. Sources: Merchant Seamen’s Service/FMP/page.
  • MARITIME. The William Miles was built at Bristol in 1808, 877 tons sold in 1817, sailing to India, conveyed convicts to Australia in 1828, broken up in 1846.
  • DEATH. Died around 1840; wife independent in 1841 and a widow in 1851, last child 1839; late Captain Kindley in 1850s and 1860s. Sources: censuses.
  • PROBATE. New York 18 October 1840; Ralph S Kindley, mariner, deceased; administration granted to Public Administrator. Sources: Photo of document.
  • Comments: Master mariner at baptisms; after his death, Dorothy’s children went to the Childs, Jane kept hers.
  • See also Three ships named William Miles
Walters, Miles, 1774-1849; Ship 'William Miles' of Bristol

“The William Miles of Bristol”, painted in 1827 by Miles Walters: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives; This portrays the 1816 William Miles, a smaller version of the 1808 vessel, 323 tons and two decks.

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